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ChinAccess will use the customer's personal information only as reasonably necessary to provide contracted services and [...] to collect fees owed and will not disclose such information to any third party except as required by law as evidenced by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction and to collection services if needed. The customer has a right to access, withdraw, and modify personal data collected via the cookie at any time.


Regarding our translation services


ChinAccess shall, as far as possible, comply with agreed delivery deadlines, subject to cases where we await input/material from the Customer. If no timetable has been agreed, the assignment shall be performed at the rate which, in addition, is considered reasonable by the scope of the assignment.

For products where the service is to be delivered within a certain time interval, e.g. Within 30 minutes, the time interval is counted only from the time we have received the document in the correct and final format.


Performance of tasks and confidentiality

In connection with translation tasks, the Customer is obliged to provide all necessary and relevant information to ChinAccess regarding the text to be translated, including any particular terminology to be used.

We treat all information and tasks received from the Customer as confidential.


Change or cancellation

If the Customer makes changes or additions to a task after an agreement has been entered into, and if these changes and/or additions are not limited in scope, ChinAccess reserves the right to change the time of delivery and/or the fee in relation to the changed nature of the task.


Fee and payment

Our fee for a task will be stated to the Customer prior to the start of a task.

Stated prices are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise expressly stated.

We provide standard payment terms of 30 days on all customer invoices. If payment for the invoice is not received on or before the due date stated on the invoice, then the Customer is liable to pay late fees and interest.

We are entitled to cancel all work for the Customer if the Customer does not pay timely.

Submission of a complaint shall under no circumstances exempt the Customer for his/her payment obligation.